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[[File:SonarBoardV2 brd.png]]
== Scanse Sweep Board ==
* Documentation  > [[Lidar]]
* Eagle CAD files coming to https://github.com/elcano/Sweep

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Board Schematics

Low Level Board

LowLevelV3.1 A.png LowLevelV3.1 B.png LowLevelV3.1 C.png LowLevelV3.1 brd.png

High Level Board

High-Level PCB v3.0.png High-Level PCB v3.0 brd.png

Sonar Array Board

  • Documentation and photo > Sonar


SonarBoardV2 brd.png

Scanse Sweep Board


ScanseSweep Brd.png

Transceiver Board


Transceiver Brd.png

Bill of Materials: Transceiver_BoM.xlxs on https://github.com/elcano/Transceiver/tree/master/Electronics

PowerOn Board


Cuts and jumpers to just use Kelly power-on circuit and DC-DC converters


PowerOn brd.png