Elcano BOM

Elcano Bill of Materials

Description Price (US $) Weight (lb) Source Comment
Catrike Dash 1350 17 http://www.catrike.com/catrike_dash.html Design works with any vehicle big enough to carry electronics, sensors and actuators.
PedalGreen electric bike conversion kit. 160 8.3 Purchased at close-out; you may need to pay more. Kits are available from Taiwanese or Chinese companies Contains hub motor on wheel, motor controller electronics, throttle, luggage rack and pouch for battery. Remove throttle and connect the wires to the computer. Writing a PWM signal as throttle controls motor.
Lead acid battery: 3 cells of 12 V and 6.5 Amp Hours each 110 15.4 Many.

Lithium from BatterySpace.com

Put batteries in series for 36V power to hub motor. The lower 12 V (or a separate battery) is used to power the servos and electronics. Lithium batteries will cost about $400 and weigh under 5 lb.
2” stroke linear servo 300 2.4 http://servocity.com/html/12v_linear_actuators.html Brake servo and controller: 25 lb thrust. Writing a PWM signal applies brakes. Present version from Servo City does not include a controller, but price is $130.
4” stroke linear servo 300 2.5 same Steering servo and controller: 25 lb thrust. Writing a PWM signal turns wheels.
Two actuator mounting brackets 26   same  
Brake lever pulling two cables 15   Bike shop Connect disk brakes on front wheels to the lever.
Custom brake mount hardware ?   Need to machine parts. Make parts to mount brake servo. A slotted PVC tube pushed by the servo applies the brake. Make sure rider can manually operate brake lever in an emergency.
Custom steering mount hardware. ?   Need to machine parts. Steering servo is attached to steering tie bar. Vehicle is Ackerman steered.
7 project boxes 70 3 Fryes; Twin Industries part# b30-7100 6.3”x3.7”x2.4” with proto boards.
Colored Anderson housings and powerpole contacts 80   Powerwerx.com These give a secure connection. Buy an Anderson crimping tool. Price is for about 200 connectors.
RF wireless transmitter and receiver 35   Shenzen Guiyuan Industry Development Co. on www.carrymart.com Four remote operated relays. Used for stop / go and emergency stop.
Arduino Uno for C1 30   Various sources Elcano uses the older Duemillenove, which is functionally equivalent. Motor controller embeds vehicle specifics.
Arduino Mega for C2 65   Various sources Dual control unit selects from driver joystick or C1 cruise control.
Three ACS758LCB-050U current sensors 25   Newark Electronics Sense the power draw to the three actuators
APEM 9000 Joystick 110   DigiKey Driver has no mechanical control of the vehicle.
Data logging shield for C2 20   http://www.adafruit.com/category/17 You can record everything on an SD card, then analyze it in a spreadsheet on your laptop.
Arduino Uno for C3 30   Various sources Pilot
Arduino Mega for C6 65   Various sources Navigation unit uses GPS, odometer, compass, INU and digital map.
Arduino GPS data logging shield for C6 20   http://www.adafruit.com/category/17 SD card to analyze localization from sensor fusion.
EM-406A GPS module 60   http://www.adafruit.com/category/17  
Cylometer 25   Bike store Cut into wires from the Hall Effect odometry pick- ups and route then to the C1 computer.
Inertial Measurement Unit 50?     Cheap ones have limited utility. May or may not be useful
Digital compass 50?      
Arduino Uno for C4 20   Various sources Path planner
Arduino Uno for C5 20   Various sources Obstacle detection
Arduino Uno for C7 20   Various sources If most visual processing is done on the smart camera, an Arduino will have enough computational power to integrate the results.
Smart Camera 500?     A smart camera package is preferred, if one becomes available. Otherwise, do our own machine vision.
Proximity sensors 150?     Obstacle detection is not yet well-defined.

This come to about $3700 in materials, plus a whole lot of work. On completion, you will have a 50 lb dual mode vehicle capable of carrying a person.

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