Mechanical System

The Elcano hardware and software can be used on a wide variety of vehicles. We have concentrated on recumbent tricycles. Vehicle #1 is a Catrike Dash, which is no longer made. Vehicle #2 is a Catrike Pocket.

Elcano #1
Elcano #1

Chain and derailleurs have been removed; the pedals are foot rests. An actuator on the boom presses a brake lever, which has dual cables to left and right disk brakes. There is no brake on the rear wheel. The seat has been temporally removed. The actuator under the seat controls steering. The joystick is used for steering, power, and brakes. A lithium battery pack is visible in front of the rear wheel. The rear wheel is powered by a hub motor via a Kelley e-bike controller. This controller can supply braking and reverse, though those features are not presently used. The black box beside the rear wheel houses the MegaShieldDB, C2 Arduino Mega, and electronic control units for the steering and brake servos.


Vehicle #1 Bill of Materials

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